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About Workman Business Systems

Workman Business Systems is a comprehensive, integrated e-marketing and consultancy agency, based in Accra, Ghana. Our top management consists of highly  qualified marketing professionals and consultants who have years of specialised e-marketing experience in different areas of business.

Founded in the year 2018, our company is providing marketing services to a growing list of highly satisfied clients on the Internet, a majority of who are market leaders in their various trades. Our success as a marketing partner is recognised in our ability to bring potential buyers of products and services to the doorsteps of our clients. 

Try us for our efficiency and efficacy in providing viable and successful online marketing, market analysis, work systems and functional website designing consultancy services.


Our mission is a renaissance to give superior value, quality services and be a first choice for marketing valuable products and services online, helping customers to discover and finding brand products and services of outstanding quality and greater service at competitive prices easily, faster, with minimum efforts. We instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them in the technology market.

We desire to give our clients  matchless advertising and marketing methods that give value for money for the benefit of  the consuming public, to help improve economic lifestyle of all our stakeholders such as customers, retailers, suppliers of goods and services, dealers of and importers. We create and direct potential customers in droves, to our clients who are ready to meet or exceed reasonable expectations of customers. 

Our vision is to use creative and innovative ideas to make online marketing least stressful, easier, faster, simpler, all together at the lowest possible cost to the dealers at one side and the buyers at the other side. To us, it is a win - win situation for all in our marketplace.


Our objectives are as follows: 

  • To create a marketplace online for all valuable products and serrvices, 
  • To generate 10 new online clients per month; 
  • To increase sales by 15 per cent over five years period;
  • To improved conversion rate of prospective customers to potential customers; 
  • To use our Website and other marketing tools to create greater brand awareness;
  • To increase number of visits to our clients’ businesses; and
  • To aim at a greater market share.

Our Values

Dealers are searching for potential customers to buy products and services they have stocked and willing to provide on offer. Customers on the other hand are searching for products and services in quality and various brand identities to buy, use and derive benefits and satisfaction. Whereas other online marketers and sellers advertise and trade in general goods, Workman Business Systems Ltd has targeted its advertising and marketing activities to only valuable products and services, to reduce customers’ searching efforts, frustrations, tiredness, time waste and cost.

Whilst the buying public are enthusiastically visiting our marketplace and using our services freely to purchase their needs and wants, dealers are also recognising us for increasing traffic of visitors to their business locations on daily basis.

Eureka, we have found the magic wand that can help your business to experience a rapid growth. Advertise with us. We will market whatever your business stands for.