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HKOGH Motion Picture Productions

ADDRESS:Feo Oyeo Lk, Swanlake Accra Ghana
LOCATION:Swanlake Accra

Hkogh Motion Picture productions is a full service production company based in Accra Ghana. We focused on innovative concepts with a fresh approach. We provide high quality audio visual content with a cinematic approach to effective storytelling & production of beautiful imagery for corporates, brands and international organizations.within Africa and beyond.


Drone Videography and Photography

Whether you’re using them for recreation, to build an aerial service business, or to integrate UAS into your existing business or organization, Whether in the air or on the ground, we deliver the smoothest, most polished creative imagery using latest technology to accomplish great works at your utmost pleasure.


Filming Locations

Film locations around the world is about where to visit and what you can see. Ghana lies on the Atlantic coast in western Africa and being slightly north of the equator it enjoys a tropical climate.

HKOGH can help look for appropriate spectacular or interesting locations in Ghana for your shoot. We will also help you negotiate legal access to filming locations, obtaining film permits, etc. .

Directors of Photography

We operate DP specializing in HD equipped with a full size van and also provide editing/post production services and we also edit in the field on site. Some of our state of the art cameras include: Sony FS7, Canon C300,Sony A7Sii, Nikon P-1000, FYI: The Sony A7Sii is especially powerful in low light situations, capable of extremely high ISO ranges exceeding 400,000 ISO. You can literally shoot under the illumination of a full moon and get satisfying results! These are the reasons why we're the best.


HKOGH is one of the best cinematographers in our time. We're at the top of our game and have been for the last five years. If you want your film to look like it was shot by one of the world’s best cinematographers, don't hesitate to call on us. We have up-to-date cinematic techniques and top cinematographers yo actively handle the job and fulfill your dreams.

Film Location Libraries

We create • We produce • We deliver Full service production company based in Accra Ghana with a cinematic approach to effective storytelling & producing beautiful imagery for corporates, brands and international organizations.