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Micvender Logistics

ADDRESS:G.P.O. Box 1526, Accra-Ghana
LOCATION:Yellow House G.C.A.A Kotoka International Airport, Sea Cargo / Tema Office Community 4, Opposite IRS Building, Tema

With many years of experiences in providing logistics solutions to the Ghanaians market, Micvender Logistics Ltd, a valuable logistics partner bringing vast local knowledge as well as specialized logistics know-how to the table. We are proud to be a long time logistics partner of many of the largest Ghanaians multinational corporations.

Micvender Logistics Ltd operates with a combination of our own and subcontracted services ensuring that your goods are handled in the most efficient way, with the highest degree of service efficiency.

Import and export transportation via ocean or air in combination with our strong logistics coverage in Ghana provides you with all services needed for smooth export of Ghanaians goods or import of goods for distribution and sale in Ghana.

Today, Micvender Logistics' operational areas cover all sea ports and all airports in Ghana, ensuring reliable and cost effective services in all major Ghanaian economic centers Our wide range of services - covering specialized services for importers of consumer goods, warehousing and distribution, tailor made airfreight solutions, etc - ensures you that your cargo is in the hands of a capable logistics provider.

Corporate Vision 
To be the leading Ghana based logistics service provider.
Corporate Mission
With our home based in Ghana and a strong focus in the world, we deliver the best logistics solutions to make our customers successful.

Ocean freight Ocean Freight

Micvender handles ocean shipments originating in the Ghana or abroad, to virtually all destinations. Our ocean freight department coordinates movements for full container load (FCL) cargo to international ports from any origin. As a licensed NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier), we also offer less than container load (LCL) movements from any major Ghana port to the destination of your choice.

You can rely on us for quick cargo processing. Through an extensive international network of agents, we are able to route your goods worldwide. From single shipments to multiple shipments to project cargo, our expert staff will arrange logistical movements from the foreign point of origin to the ultimate consignee in Ghana.

Air Freight Forwarding

Micvender Logistics' domestic and international air freight forwarding staff will make sure that your shipments move where you want them to go and arrive when you need them to be there.

Expedited, Consolidations, HazMat, and Import/Export shipments offered.

Whether there is a need for consolidated or direct air freight forwarding service, our expert professionals are ready to route your goods to or from almost any point in the world.

Door to door air freight forwarding services delivery

Express services (tome bound services)

Daily inbound consolidation from U.S Asia, Europe, Australia, and Far East.



Micvender prioritises the products and goods that you have imported because we know it cost you money, hence we provide you with a safe storage facility under our Warehousing service.

Whether you want your products to be kept in town not too far from your office or you want a warehouse close to the air or sea port, we have the right networks to make that happen.

Most of our Warehouses are state of the art and have loading docks, 24hr surveillance, cranes and forklifts, etc. We offer you convinience, hence you can have 24/7 access to your products at short notice.

Courier Services

We are committed to providing the best possible delivery of messges, packages, and or mail to our customers at a competitive price in Ghana. Our work module includes features such as speed, signature, security, tracking, specialisation and individualisation of services, and committed delivery times.

Micvender courier is a 24/7 same day courier delivery service. We serve individuals and the business community. With our understanding of the Ghanaian environment, technology, fleet of motor bikes and vehicles, and network to facilitate International Courier Services, we are able to reach every corner.

No matter the size of your package we ensure that it reaches its destination at the right time in the exact condition at the time of pickup. Under Courier, we offer a wide range of services including:

* Food deliveries

* Medical deliveries

* Legal courier-filings, research, copies & subpoenas

* Bank Courier

* Nationwide next morning deliveries

* Bulk Pricing

* Route Pricing

* Driver/Vehicle Rental

Transit and Transhipment

With the varios services that we provide in cargo, clearing and haulage we have an enormous amount of experience in transhipment.

Micvender clears items at Ghana's Ports and sends to the clients country/ destination; mainly Mali and Burkina Faso.

Domestic Haulage

Micvender is licensed and currently positioned to operate several specialised vehicles equipped services able to carry up to 40ft. The 20ft to 40ft container may contain various commodities. We sometimes through our network of partners carry explosive material or hazadorious liquid.

Upon receipt of our client's instructions to deliver or collect goods on their behalf our haulage planning clerks will always route the goods via the most cost effective method. We will transport the goods safely from port to warehouse,or warehouse to desired location, vice - versa.

We are available for contract haulage on a mileage, daily or job basis.

Customs Brokerage

Micvender Logistics, will provide you with expert customs documentation and all transactions with Ghana Customs concerning the entry and admissibility of merchandise.

This includes classification and valuation, duties payment, taxes, or other charges assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise by reason of its importation, or the refund, rebate, and drawback. Furthermore, we can handle your clearance for both imported and exported freight.With our expertise, your company can avoid unnecessary delays and penalties. Because we attend to your needs in a professional manner, you will save valuable time and reduce costs.

Micvender Logistics suggests that you protect your investment in cargo with insurance to avoid any possible risk of total or partial damage while in transit.We can give you insurance rates to protect your valuable merchandise in cargo. Insurance costs are separated from the cost of shipping.

This policy insures approved general merchandise against risks of physical loss or damage from external causes. However, this policy does not cover all losses possible in the course of an international shipment. Some perils typically not covered in All-Risk Policies

1. Improper packing

  • 2. Abandonment of cargo

  • 3. Rejection of goods by customs

  • 4. Failure to pay or collect account

  • 5. Inherent vice, (infestation or loss due to nature of the product itself)

  • 6. Employee conversion or dishonesty

  • 7. Losses due to delay or market loss

  • 8. Goods subject to an on-deck bill of lading

  • 9. Losses caused by temperature or pressure

  • 10. Used goods

Free of Particular Average (FPA) Coverage

Sometimes, due to nature of products or shipping condition, only limited coverage can be obtained. Although FPA coverage is not as complete as "All-Risk Coverage", it is better than having no insurance at all. What do I do if unwanted things happen to my cargo and file a claim?

Global Project Forwarding and Heavy Lift Cargo Transport

Whether you are building a manufacturing plant, mining the earth or developing a community,Micvender Logistics can help you achieve success. Large project logistics management and procurement services are what we do best.

We work closely with your purchasing team to make sure that everything is according to your schedule. Our process begins when the purchase orders are issued and involves moving cargo of all sizes and dimensions from anywhere in the world to your final site location. We provide aggressive expediting - necessary for our logistics success - at no extra charge.

With us, you can anticipate unforeseen circumstances and changing needs of your project. We can also give creative solutions and the fastest possible response for your inquiries.

Micvender Logistics has the experience in complex logistical challenges you are looking for and can help you analyze important project requirements. We will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported.

Our success in handling logistical challenges in the industry lies on our relationships and open communication with clients

ECOWAS Transportation

Micvender plays a crucial role in aiding Economic activities across the West African Region by helping businesses transport their goods from one country to the other easily.

At policy level, we continue to advocate and influence policy makers within the region to lift the barriers and address the challenges to allow more free- trade. We continue to build successfull partnerships with companies and organisations in other Ecowas countries.

This is aimed at facilitating the smooth flow of our operations in the countries where they operate. We believe in ECOWAS; because it offers our clients a wider market and more business opportunities.

Air & Sea Freight Tracking

Powerful tracking tools are available with the two top-tier plans, Business and First Class.

Anytime and anywhere, this device ensures that all authorized users and partners can gain access to the system 24/7. Customer Login allows customers to login and query, or view subsets of data – including documents relating to your shipment. Furthermore, we can contact our friendly support team for further information.